Congratulations to Tim Cartwright who was recently recognized as one of Florida Trend’s Top 500 Most Influential Business Leaders.

According to Florida Trend’s Editor, Mark Howard, Readers of the 2020 edition of the Florida 500 will notice some changes in the publication’s appearance. Along with some new faces, we have expanded the write-ups of several influentials in each category. There’ is no hierarchy at work — we are not suggesting that those who got a little more ink are somehow more influential than others.

Rather, we chose to highlight people who: 1. We find particularly interesting; 2. Have a wide sphere of activity; and 3. Embody the growing diversity of Florida’s business community at a time when it seems appropriate to highlight that diversity and celebrate it. Otherwise, the general methodology for the Florida 500 remains the same.

Selections are organized using broad economic categories from the U.S. Department of Commerce, with the number of influentials in each category roughly proportional to that category’s share of Florida’s state GDP. Current elected officials are not in the mix and we do not include more than three people from any single firm.

Nobody makes the list just because he or she runs a big company. Longevity matters, and visibility doesn’t necessarily mean influence. We acknowledge that the final picks are necessarily subjective. We put people on the list who don’t want to be there, and we leave some off who’d definitely like to be there. Advertising plays no role.