Investment Management

Your strengthened confidence in your family’s future is at the center of our strategic and unbiased investment advice.

Fifth Avenue Family Office is a Registered Investment Advisor. As such, we create investment policies based upon your family’s unique investment objectives, with estate and tax planning goals in mind. Because we are not tied to brokerage firms or banks and their institutional ideologies, we provide an independent view to best meet your investment objectives.

We manage portfolios to the institutional All-World benchmark, holding all strategies to that strict standard. Our Core Investment Philosophy builds portfolios that are low fee, tax efficient, guided by an Investment Policy Statement, and are closely correlated to the institutional benchmark. For the equity side, our CoreTaxAlpha strategy targets an annualized tax alpha of +1.0% to +2.0% over the benchmark. On a continual basis, we monitor your portfolio to make sure it is performing per your Investment Policy Statement, measuring both After-Fee and After-Tax performance.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Providing for your family, minimizing expenses and maximizing opportunities are just a few of the benefits of a solid estate and legacy plan.

Our family office coordinates with attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals and family members to help you achieve your unique goals. And since your legacy plan may evolve over time, we review your estate plan annually to ensure it reflects your family’s current intentions. In fact, members of our team currently serve on several client family trusts.

Tax Coordination

By investing wisely within your various retirement accounts, you can increase your retirement savings and avoid unnecessary tax ramifications. Our team works directly with your tax preparer to anticipate any possible issues and manage your investments in a tax-efficient manner.

Risk Management

Fifth Avenue Family Office’s approach to allocation can help you calculate, avoid and diversify risk in order to ensure better outcomes. Along with measuring and monitoring risk, and working with best-in-class agents, our team proactively reviews your insurance coverage on an annual basis.

Philanthropic Support

One of the greatest joys for many entrepreneurial families lies in making a positive impact on the world around them. We take great pride in providing guidance and support to families who are active in charitable giving, especially through private foundations. Members of our team also serve on the boards of numerous private foundations.

Family Governance & Education

The more your family shares a common vision, communicates effectively and supports one another, the more effortless it becomes to reach your goals and leave your legacy. Through regular family meetings and individual attention, our family office helps your family come together in an entirely new way.

Strategic Business Consulting

You’ll be amazed at what an outside pair of keen eyes can see when it comes to the efficiency and growth opportunities of your privately owned business. Offering careful oversight and effective planning, the Fifth Avenue Family Office team can help bring about the best performance and transactional outcomes for this important asset.

Real Estate & Alternatives

When you look beyond traditional stocks, bonds, cash equivalents and the like, even more opportunities appear on the horizon. From real estate and commodities, to hedge funds, private debt, equity and more, we help you diversify portfolios to the degree you choose.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

When you leverage quality opportunities and screen out poor ones, your results shine brighter. Along with our in-house expertise, Fifth Avenue Family Office provides access to national and regional sources of deal flow to help you select from various private equity and venture capital options.

Aviation & Maritime Oversight

When adventure beckons, why not let your mind drift to paradise instead of thinking about crews, resources and programming? Whatever your itinerary, we are happy and equipped to take the logistics off your plate.

Bill Payment & Record Retention

Decimals checked, documents filed and stresses relieved. Our family office keeps everything organized and streamlines daily routines for you and your family, creating more time for your personal pursuits.


Your own personal C-suite

The Fifth Avenue Family Office corporate suite of services revolves around your financial, business, personal and philanthropic aspirations. Streamlining a broad range of complex matters, our goal is to efficiently preserve your wealth, measuring success by our performance and your peace of mind.